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Corporate Information
EnviroWay is a subsidiary of EnviroWay Detergent Manufacturing Inc. which specializes in manufacturing, distribution, sales, service and education. We are based out of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. EnviroWay is a pioneer in utilizing biotechnology to resolve wastewater management concerns. Our company, as a whole, has been involved in the biotechnology field for more than two decades and has had great success in various environmental solutions in North America and internationally.

We grow green technologies for wastewater treatment by innovation. Our company constantly strives to clean your environment, by using waste to generate efficiency, literally. Derived through our experience and extensive R & D over the years, EnviroWay expands an understanding of nature to handle the most challenging situations and projects.

As a wastewater management company, our corporate responsibility is to not only stay on top of current technology, but to innovate it by pushing efficiency further. Our objective is to assist our client’s needs in any way possible, all while upholding robust ethics. We believe we have to work together to make a difference and EnviroWay is the first step in creating change for environmental improvement.

To establish water and resource management systems that reflect our deepest understanding of nature.

To innovate the latest biotechnologies, apply them through multi-disciplinary approaches, and refresh communities with clean water.

  • Leadership
  • Integrity
  • Science
We are here to challenge the status quo, by using all that science has to offer with the people ready to lead the charge. Pollution has become a norm worldwide, and is a complex reality we must face. It is our privilege to do more than business internationally; we strive to make a difference with our customers for the benefit of all.
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