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Restaurants and Hotels
Restaurant, hotel, and mall cooking and dish washing facilities generate wastewater which is very high in fats, oils, grease (FOG), and organic matter. Facilities use grease traps to solve the problems with the flow in drain lines and control the quality of effluent.

Grease Trap Maintenance

Grease trap maintenance often encounters problems such as solidified grease coatings on walls and corrosion. Grease coats trap the solids and results in grease build-up, reduction in capacity, float loaded with thick layer of grease, inefficient performance of the trap, requirement of tedious manual cleaning and frequent pump outs, nauseating odour, and risk of surcharges due to the quality of wastewater leaving the facility.

Bioline your business and metabolize your waste to synthesize efficiency. Grease Trap Maintainer (GTM) degrades and digests the FOG present in the system, as well as happily transforms organic sludge components into carbon dioxide and water, unlike the chemicals and enzymes that just move the problem from point A to B (we do A - Z). The result is no need for frequent pump outs and simultaneous control of foul odour emitted by the grease trap. Microbes present in the product also go out and enter in municipal sewer lines and clean up grease deposition all along. Drain Doctor keeps drain lines free flowing and augments the performance of GTM.

Drainex Grease & Waste Digester is a liquid formulation that is easy to use yet very effective in treating grease and organic build-up. In addition, it also controls malodours.

Hotels, Malls, Restaurants and Movie Theatres
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