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Lagoon Solutions
In smaller communities, wastewater is stored in a lagoon before releasing it to the environment. Operators rely on the natural capacity of the indigenous microbial population to remove organic matter. Often, organic loads exceed the natural capacity of lagoons to renew wastewater and meet the regulatory limits. Signs of overcapacity start surfacing in the form of malodour, sludge build-up, and mounding. It is an expensive and time consuming job to haul the sludge mechanically and dredge the floating crusts. To answer these problems, EnviroWay offers a solution:

Envirozyme is a microbial powder formulation that degrades organics and reduces sludge build-up, breaks down sludge mounding, floating crusts and controls odour. In the process, it brings down BOD, COD, TSS and FOG under the prescribed limits for effluents.

Sludge Buster is loaded with microbes specially selected for breaking down the organic build-up at the bottom of lagoons. By utilizing and digesting all the trapped nutrients, Sludge Buster keeps the water parameters in control.

Hog Lagoons get an excess of organic waste that results in the water surface being completely covered with floating organic crusts.

Lagoon Solutions
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