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Lift Stations
Lift stations are an integral part of a municipal sewer network. Solidified grease deposition, formation of scum rings, and pumps running under great difficulties are often the case in lift stations. Sludge build up leads to a reduced operating capacity that sometimes results in back ups and over flows. Furthermore, sludge and grease build-ups produce nauseating odours and tedious manual cleaning is required.

To eliminate such circumstances, EnviroWay formulates:

Envirozyme FOG is a microbial powder formulation that contains zero chemical and no genetically modified organisms. Envirozyme FOG is designed to degrade Fat, Oil and Grease contents and control malodour. In the process, it helps pumps run smoothly, prevents corrosion, and keeps lift stations running at their full capacity.

Bio Brick is a solid cylindrical brick comprised of billions of a select group of capable microbes in every gram. Encased in a mesh bag for application, it is convenient and designed for the high flow system in lift stations. Bio Brick provides a sustained release of microbes around the clock for 6 weeks to 2 months per brick. Microbes devour grease, organic solids, and prevent depositions, blockages, backups, and overflows while significantly reducing odour.

Lift Stations
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