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Portable Toilets
Portable toilets are often found in places like exhibitions, construction projects, sporting events, concerts, and other big celebrations. Needless to say, they are used very frequently during such occasions. Portable toilets temporarily store human wastes in gravity fed holding tanks. There is a little ventilation, and users often encounter a suffocating odour inside.

When chemical deodorizers are used, they stop the biological activity of decomposing microbes and hence there is temporary relief from odour. The use of such chemicals leads to a solid waste build-up on the walls of holding tanks. This becomes a problem in regular maintenance and a source of persistent odour.

Envirozyme water soluble pouches are an effective microbial product for treating human waste and preventing malodours by metabolizing the odour causing molecules. Envirozyme contains no harsh chemicals and is comprised of a natural, eco-friendly, and safe grouping of microbes.

In addition, Refresh can also be used to effectively control the presence of odour causing molecules such as hydrogen sulphide, ammonia, volatile amines, mercaptans, and volatile fatty acids by utilizing the powerful waste digesting abilities of specifically selected beneficial microbial strains. Refresh destroys odour naturally without the need of a fragrance or masking agent.

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