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EnviroWay is a solutions expert in all areas related to water and wastewater treatment. Here are the products we have specially designed to solve the problems specific to your industry.

Bio Brick

Bio Brick Bio Brick is a solid cylindrical brick comprised of billions of a select group of capable microbes per gram of its weight. Encased in a mesh bag for convenience in application and designed for the high flow system in a lift station. Bio Brick provides a sustained release of microbes around the clock for 6 weeks to 2 months per brick. Released microbes devour grease and organic solids. Bio Bricks work synergistically with Envirozyme to maintain an elevated presence of valuable bacteria in the system. Our bricks keep the float clean and prevent grease build-ups thereby minimizing corrosion, manual cleaning, backups, and over flows in lift stations. Bio Bricks also significantly reduce odour. Size(s) Available: 30 Lbs., 10 Lbs., 5 Lbs., 2 Lbs.

Bio Urinal Screens

Bio Urinal Screens Bio Urinal Screens are individually wrapped, slow dissolving, and eco-friendly microbial tabs for removing odour and maintaining the flow of liquid into pipelines. Bio Urinal Screens are packed with microbes that eliminate the source of odours such as H2S, ammonia, and uric acid. Uric acid in a dry state forms crystals that get deposited in drain lines and slow liquid flow. Microbes in the Bio Urinal Screens break down these compounds and not only remove odour but protect the flow. Size(s) Available: 12 screens/case.


Boost-a-Vit Boost-a-Vit is a customized product developed for the remediation of soil or marine petroleum hydrocarbon contamination. This product is provided to clients after studying the samples from contaminated sites, as each site will have specific biotic components and will need specific enhancers. We target the right organisms with the right nutrients to give nature's healing process a boost. Size(s) Available: 30x 1 Lb.

Drain Doctor

Drain Doctor Drain doctor consists of selected microbes in a powder formulation that are well equipped to remove stubborn grease and organic waste deposition right from sink and drain lines to grease traps. We prescribe this natural blend of billons of safe and strategically formulated microbes to keep your lines healthy. Size(s) Available: 2 oz (28g) x 100.


Dairyzyme Dairyzyme is a concentrated powdered product that contains safe, naturally occurring microbes selected to milk the needs of dairy waste management. The microbes efficiently metabolize all the components of dairy wastewater such as casein, lactose, lactic acids, whey protein, and suspended fat. The treatment is able to bring water parameters such as BOD, COD, TSS, and FOG down to a level where the facility has no risk of surcharges due to the quality of its effluent. Size(s) Available: 30x 1 Lb.


DRAINEX GWD DRAINEX GWD is a liquid formulation used in sinks, toilets, tubs, urinals, floors, grease traps, drain lines and septic tanks. It metabolizes blockages due to grease and organic build-ups in a diversity of systems. Every gallon of this product contains 100 billion efficient microbes for powerful decomposing and digesting action on solid organic wastes. DRAINEX GWD contains an actual odour counteractant (not a perfume) to instantly eliminate malodours, while the microbes destroy their source. It contains no acids, no caustics, no solvents and is safe on all types of pipes. Microbes in the product are safe to handle and non-pathogenic. They pose no harmful effects on humans, animals, and plant life. Size(s) Available: 12x1L and 4x4 L cases, 20L, 120 L and 205 L drums.


Envirozyme Transform waste into water and carbon dioxide. Envirozyme accelerates wastewater treatment of any organic waste and ends odour. Envirozyme is a concentrated bacterial powder for use as a waste digestant in lift stations, lagoons, and wastewater treatment plants (WTPs). Envirozyme is specifically designed for optimal biological performance, digesting proteins, carbohydrates, animal and vegetable fats, oils, and cellulose for effective waste removal and odour reduction. It removes mounding, scum rings, and floating crusts from wastewater lagoons and septic truck dumps, thereby averting the need of a new lagoon, and costly truck hauling or tedious manual dredging. Envirozyme reduces BOD, COD, TSS, and FOG to levels at which the wastewater can be released responsibly into receiving water bodies and streams meeting regulatory limits. All bacterial strains are natural and safe for humans. Envirozyme is available in eco-friendly soluble pouches for convenience in application. Size(s) Available: 30x 1 Lbs., 60x 1/2 Lbs.

Envirozyme FOG

Envirozyme FOG Envirozyme FOG is a microbial powder formulation that eats up grease and organic sludge deposition. This specially developed product is loaded with microbes that have a tremendous ability to degrade and digest Fat, Oil, and Grease along with the organic waste contents of wastewater received by lift stations from sewer networks. Envirozyme FOG applications keep floats clean, maintain smooth pump operation, prevent blockages, and substantially reduce frequent pump outs and manual cleaning requirements. Size(s) Available: 30x 1 Lb.


GTM GTM comes in a dispensing unit that maintains the grease trap by automatically dosing from the metering pump. GTM utilizes the powerful organic digesting abilities of specifically selected microbes. GTM minimizes manual maintenance, sludge deposition, grease build-up, and the frequency of pump outs. Keep floats clean, maintain efficient grease trap operation; prevent odour, blockages, backups and downstream grease clogging of the sewer lines with one solution. On the top of that, it keeps the local environmental office satisfied with the quality of water going out of the facility. Size(s) Available: 20 L.


Working together with other industry leaders, EnviroWay delivers reliable technologies and services that perform. The EnviroWay Team is trained specifically in HACH technologies, by experienced field personnel. From the latest measurement devices, to everyday reagents and kits – we send the complete HACH line to professionals all over Western Canada. For our National Stocking of HACH, Call us toll free at 1-888-274-0862 for full access to the entire catalogue of HACH branded products.


Millzyme Millzyme is a specially developed powder for wastewater treatment in the pulp and paper industry. Millzyme is a proprietary blend of microbes selected for its metabolic capabilities. The diversity of our bacterial strains makes the product effective in the removal of lignin & cellulosic solids, resin acids, sludge, and BOD. Millzyme is an innovative and natural solution that allows a mill to meet its environmental regulatory requirements, while also recycling and reusing. Size(s) Available: 30x 1 Lb.

Odour Terminator

Odour Terminator Odour Terminator is an exclusive blend of non-pathogenic, active bacterial cultures and eucalyptus odour counteractant. Odour Terminator is designed to control malodours caused by organic waste such as; garbage, decaying food, fecal matter, and urine etc. Our strains penetrate deep down into cracks and crevices and actually consume organic waste in hard to clean areas. Use Odour Terminator as an odour control treatment for food service waste in dumpsters, garbage cans, trash rooms, and trash bins. Odour Terminator is used in rest rooms and around exteriors of buildings on grout, concrete walls, pavements, sidewalks, etc. to counteract urine odours that hide in cracks and crevices. Size(s) Available: 4L, 1L.


Oilzyme Oilzyme is a turbo charged microbial concentrate. It degrades Aliphatic & Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon (PAHs) chemicals. These microbes are extremely resistant to toxic effects of chemical pollutants and are able to multiply and metabolize in adversity. These safe, naturally occurring microbes are present in high concentration to handle all types of aliphatic and aromatic petroleum hydrocarbon degradation. A slick solution to fight pollution. Size(s) Available: 30x 1Lb.

Pond Clear

Pond Clear EnviroWay Pond Clear is a high potency microbial powder available in eco-friendly soluble pouches for ease of application. Pond Clear contains billions of a select group of bacterial strains chosen for controlling algae and blue green algae in ponds, lakes, and fountains. These bacterial strains are very metabolically active and efficiently remove the availability of nutrients, such as phosphorus and nitrogen, through consumption of organic matter present in the water. Pond Clear enhances water clarity by competitively inhibiting algae, therefore, restoring the aesthetic quality of water bodies. This product is safe for humans, birds, fish, and plant life. It provides a biological control, which is completely compatible with maintaining a natural ecological balance in H2O. A clear choice for your water. Size(s) Available: 60x 1/2 Lb.


Refresh Refresh is an effective malodour remover that actually degrades the source of the odour, rather than just masking it. Refresh is a unique formulation incorporating chemistry and microbiology. The chemistry grips the odour causing molecules, while microbes break them down into water and carbon dioxide. Refresh is an excellent biological deodorant across washrooms, garbages, stale rooms, smoke, and pet odours. All microbial strains in the products are represented in the Canadian Domestic Substance List (DSL). Size(s) Available: 4L, 1L, 500 mL.


Septi-saver Septi-Saver is easy-to-use and effective. Packaged in a jar and placed in flush tanks, every time you flush the toilet, microbes are released into the septic system to ensure the flow of the toilet bowls through to the drain line to tank. These jars contain billions of safe microbes, exclusively selected, and adaptable across all types of septic fixtures. Size(s) Available: 24/case.

Sludge Buster

Sludge Buster Sludge Buster is specifically designed to enhance biological performance in golf course ponds, storm retention ponds, and aquacultures by reducing the organic matter (grass clippings, fallen leaves, dead aquatic plants, animal waste, etc) and excess nutrient runoff (fertilizer, livestock, agricultural waste) that has accumulated at the bottom of ponds. Bust your sludge. Keep your water clean, bottoms up! Size(s) Available: 30x 1 Lb.

Stillwater Solution

Stillwater Solution is a high potency formulation for use in reducing excess ammonia and nitrites through the competition of available nutrients in the water. Stillwater Solution enhances water clarity, making it the perfect product for fountains and other aesthetic water bodies. This product is harmless to humans, birds, fish, plant life, and pipes; thereby providing biological control which is completely compatible with maintaining a natural ecological balance. 1 Liter of Stillwater Solution can treat 3000 Liters of water per week!
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