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Research and Development
We aspire to ensure a clean and healthy environment to improve the quality of life for all and generations to come.

Our research and development initiative is engaged in developing cutting edge solutions to the water crisis that the world is facing today. It has been a long standing collaboration with renowned Scientists of NRC and AAFC. Our R & D has an extensive research association with Engineers and Scientists of the University of Saskatchewan.

EnviroWay R & D is committed to bringing innovative, eco-friendly, microbial solutions for bioaugmentation and application in the fields of industrial, commercial, and municipal wastewater management. These solutions aim to replace the conventional use of chemicals and costly mechanical practices, while presenting a cost effective and safe natural technology. Microbes are nature's best agents for degrading or transforming complex organic and xenobiotic compounds into simpler molecules, which can then be assimilated in the ecological cycle of various organisms. Our approach taps the potential of microbial communities for alleviating contaminants from nature and removes the undesired chemical load from the environment. Additionally, we have undertaken a collaborative research endeavor to diagnose problem-creating bacteria in wastewater treatment plants. We envisage developing a bioline to greatly reduce the eco-burden and are committed to providing healthier and cleaner alternatives for sustainable development.

EnviroWay is also developing solutions for disinfection and treatment of potable water by application of advanced purification technology.

Mahendran Basuvaraj, Ph.D.
Chief Scientist
Phone: (306) 244-7727
Email: mahendran@enviroway.net
#9 – 2241 Hanselman Avenue
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, S7L 6A7

Research and Development
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