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Toilets and urinals often face problems of slow moving/plugged lines, malodours coming from the drain, yellowish crystals around urinal, and wax build-up in urinal lines. Uric acid is a component of urine and when dried, it produces crystals. Wet uric acid crystals produce a strong smell and as they solidify, they get deposited in pipelines.

Bio Urinal Screens are individually wrapped, slow dissolving, eco-friendly, microbial tabs with screens capable of removing odour and maintaining the flow of liquid in the pipelines. Bio Urinal Screens unleash microbes that metabolize the source of the odour such as uric acid crystals. Microbes in the Bio Urinal Screens break down these compounds and not only remove odour, but also maintain the liquid flow.

Specially formulated chemical-free liquid products like Odour Terminator remove airborne malodour and work on odour prone surfaces such as washroom tile and grout.

In addition, Refresh can also be used to effectively control the presence of odour causing molecules such as hydrogen sulphide, ammonia, volatile amines, mercaptans, and volatile fatty acids by utilizing the powerful waste digesting abilities of precisely selected beneficial microbial strains. Refresh destroys odour naturally without the need of a fragrance or masking agent.

Schools, Colleges and Universities
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