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Bioaugmentation programs work to assist standard operating procedures and work synergistically with existing technologies. It is micro-organisms like bacteria and fungi that do the overwhelming amount of waste processing in the world. Our experts are now playing an important role in the future of waste transformation by bringing technology and microbes together. Bioaugmentation is the art of selecting, applying, and nurturing micro-organisms in a system to increase the biodegradation of pollutants and contaminants. Our support is always available for technical inquiries and troubleshooting.

Complete Treatment - Metabolizing Waste, Synthesizing Efficiency

Our services ensure enhanced results through efficiency with significant cost savings. Effluent standards are achieved with numerous benefits; with overall quality optimized, our dedicated teams of professionals have demonstrated reliable results in the most challenging situations across the globe. Complete treatment with maximum biological efficiency requires more than just the right products, it is an ongoing process optimized by science and experience.

EnviroWay Bioaugmentation Program
  1. Collection of data and analysis of system
  2. Determine the objectives to be met
  3. Select product for system augmentation
  4. Implement dosage programs and co-ordinate system stabilization
  5. Monitor program results and adjust program according
  6. Compare objectives and results
  7. Regular consulting & monitoring of ongoing projects
EnviroWay Operations & Maintenance Program
  1. Designing, Erecting, and Commissioning of Effluent Treatment Plants (ETP) & Sewage Treatment Plants (STP)
  2. Annual Maintenance of ETP as well as STP plants
  3. Supplying of equipment for ETP and STP plants
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