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Sewage Treatment Plant Solutions
Sewage is the wastewater released by residences, businesses, and industries in a community. It is 99.94% water, with only 0.06% of dissolved and suspended solid material and is therefore, mostly reusable. Biological treatment is a process to remove organic load from wastewater. Our select microbes metabolize and break down soluble, as well as insoluble organic matter in the sewage. Untreated sewage has a BOD ranging from 100 mg/L to 300 mg/L that far exceeds the regulatory effluent level.


The simple solution is Envirozyme, which is a blend of naturally occurring organisms that attack the source – waste – as it enters the municipal system. It prevents solids/sludge accumulation at pump stations, in sewer lines, and improves plant efficiency. The use of Envirozyme terminates malodor, removes organic waste, and results in a significant decrease in BOD to acceptable levels.

The end result of using Envirozyme in biological treatments is enhanced system performance through increased system capacity, fewer system upsets, and reduction in costly maintenance service.

Sewage Treatment Plant Solutions
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